BootCamp Challenge is just that – a challenge. Whether you choose to run solo, in a team, or shoot for the elite, it’s important to have the strength and endurance before you step up to the start line. By following these coach-approved routines, you can be better prepare to face the obstacles that await you at BootCamp Challenge.

mcrd bcc 2015 - 016


• Walk or Jog in place
• Every 5 minutes perform 5-10 reps of one of the following:
– Jumping Jacks
– Push-Ups
– Mountain Climbers
– Squats
– Lunges

mcrd bcc 2015 - 017


• Walk around your neighborhood. As you see different things, do an exercise
• Patio Furniture = 8 Push-Ups
• Kids playing in a yard = 10 Jumping Jacks
• Neighbors walking their dog = 12 Mountain Climbers
• Neighbors leaving/arriving home = 15 Lunges
• Neighbors greet you = 12 Squats

mcrd bcc 2015 - 027ROUTINE 3

Walk in the park! Parks will have a circuit station that you can utilize, easy to follow, and are fun!

Parks are also a fun way to use your surroundings. For example:
• Walk – Jog – Run – Sprint to each lamp post
• Assign workouts to certain colors, and when you see joggers wearing that color – add a workout
• Joggers with dogs or ear buds – add a workout